Yugo: Japanese Fusion – RCBC Plaza, Ayala Ave. Makati City

Working around Makati is awesome, especially if your office is surrounded by nice restaurants where you can eat your heart out after having loads of work stress. But what if after stressing yourself from that OT work and making yourself so hungry, you bump into a restaurant like this?

Ladies and gents, here’s an honest review of Yugo, A Japanese Fusion Restaurant located in RCBC Plaza, Makati City.

It was around 7pm when my workmates and I decided to have some hot ramen. Since RCBC Plaza is one of the closest building to our office and that there are also restaurants inside, we’ve decided to have our dinner there and we saw this new japanese restaurant around, the YuGo Japanese Fusion.

YuGo Restaurant has the typical fusion menu variants of Japan. Below are the menus of what they serve, for your reference.

WP_20160413_19_20_12_Pro WP_20160413_19_20_23_Pro

I find everything on the menu a bit pricey given the size of the serving. But since we were craving for ramen, we’ve decided to try their ramen and udon to fill our hungry stomach.

Each table has a cute plant like this. I thought they were real at first, until I touched them. And it made me feel upset. HAHA! 😀WP_20160413_19_15_30_Pro

Okay, back to the review. Just after the waitress took our orders, we asked her how long do we have to wait for the food. “5 to 10 minutes po ma’am.” she said.

Waiting ..

Waiting ..

5 minutes.

10 minutes.

30 minutes waiting. Wala parin.

Imagine we were so stressed and super dupeeeer hungry, and our food is still not there. They made us expect for food in 5-10 minutes, but the waiting game is so strong and the struggle is real! One more thing, we couldn’t even see the waitress around, it’s as if she’s also inside the kitchen cooking our ramen and udon.

It would quite be understandable why it’s taking them so long to serve our food if the restaurant is full or crowded. But NO! We were their only customers that time. “Tayo lang customers pero ang tagal, paano pa kaya kung madami ng kakain sa kanila?” one of my workmates said.

Sharing with you below, the photos of what they served us.

Tempura Ramen. Php 220.


Pork Udon. Php 195.


Chicken Teriyaki Ramen. Php 193.


Here’s what we can say about their Ramen and Udon:
– The soup of the three (3) dishes taste the same. So obvious they only cook that one standard soup for everything for the whole day and they’ll just add the different toppings in every serving.
– The soup itself is too salty. Yes, too salty you’d think you’re sipping/eating/drinking sea water.
– The soup is a bit bitter.
– It is also too oily or greasy for a soup.

What we think about their service?
– Serving of food took so much time, even if the difference in our orders were only the toppings.

Price: Too pricey for the serving. The bowls look big in photos, but they’re actually small in real life, unlike in other japanese restaurants where ramens were served in large bowls!

I used to believe in the saying “Walang hindi masarap sa taong gutom.” I was too hungry, but I haven’t even finished 1/4 of my order. The soup’s salty, bitter and greasy taste was so unacceptable, and the meat was undercooked as well. I could even trade an instant cup noodle for this.

We ended up still so hungry, and we’re never going back. Like, ever.

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