To the guy who made me feel good again – An Open Letter

Thank you.

It was actually kind of hard writing this post for I have so much to say but I don’t know where to start. I’ve been staring at the laptop screen for hours for a few days yet I still couldn’t find the right words to express how thankful I am when you came.

Thank you.

I’ll never get tired of thanking you.

We first met in November of 2007. We were both still young, yes. You were even in the state of exploring new things, discovering your talents, and enjoying all the girls around you – a typical teen. Feeling gwapo ha. haha! While me, I was adjusting from the new environment I’m in. I was still clueless of what lies ahead of me, I was that innocent looking baby.

I don’t know how and why I felt a little familiarity the first time I saw you from the eye. I caught you not just once but more than twice for 2 thursdays and a tuesday. It was like our eyes were talking at each other but I don’t know what the topic was all about.

Two years gone (November 2009), we saw each other again. This crazy little thing called fate kept on playing at us. Our eyes were talking to each other again like “It was you. Yes, it is you!” But we still haven’t talked.

You and I had our own lovers, and both of them were failures. What’s even crazier is that we became friends before we know it. We talked for hours and share every thing been through, as well as our heartbreaks and broken promises.

Until one time in November 2011, we agreed to go out. Just the two of us. It was one of funniest days of my life. You were like a happy pill to my lungs that I couldn’t stop laughing. Silly jokes turned into deeper conversations, so unforgettable.

Then you asked me if we can be more than what we have between us. I liked you back but there was a lot of buts. We’ve moved on from our past failed relationships but I’m still a little broken. I had trust issues and have learned lessons. Scared to repeat the errors and mistakes. We still had our own responsibilities that needs to be done before stepping into a deeper kind of relationship than friendship. I said I can’t, and I wasn’t ready.

But you just smiled back at me and looked me in the eye. You said you will wait. That you are ready to accept all of the things I’m afraid of and my imperfections. You are willing to wait for us to be whole. No matter how hard it will be, and how long it will take.

You stayed.

And I am so thankful you proved it.

You’ve inspired me to keep going and to be the best version of myself. You we’re like an angel sent to me from God to care for me, protect me, encourage me and make me believe that I can always be better. You believed in me.

You are a gentleman I never thought that still exists. Our generation is full of jerks and I almost threw my hopes on meeting a better man. You made me remember that I deserve to be treated right. You made me believe that I am special. You made me feel beautiful.

So I just want to say thank you. Thank you for respecting me. Thank you for being patient with me. Thank you for helping me realize my worth. Thank you for the years of waiting. And thank you for making me feel good again.

Yes, I am happy and proud I met you. And now there’s not only you, but “us”, who will wait for the right time for us.




  • It is really a great blessing from God meeting a person who can make us feel good again after all the heartbreaks. Good for you, you found yours. Sana dumating na din yung akin.

  • and nice choice of music. Tagos sa bones yung magbasa habang may music na ganto. haaaiii sarap mainluv. <3

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