The Happy List: Vol. 04

The month of June has been a very busy one for me that I barely have the time to open this blog and write my thoughts. However, the Man up there still reminds me that life is so precious and everyone deserves happiness. So here I am, amazed how time flew fast that I realized it’s finally July! Yey! This month feels like it’s waaaaaaaaay better than the previous one. I still couldn’t forget the happiness I felt when I got the bomb news that lit up my life on the very first day. Thank you, Tatay God. I am truly grateful.

So, let’s cut the drama from here and start spreading happiness. Here are the small and big things that made me happy lately .. 🙂

  1. The new Jollibee store from our office building lower ground is finally open after two months of waiting. Yay!
  2. Our company trainees passed the Microsoft Dynamics AX certification with 100% passing rate.
  3. I requested a new table cabinet from papa and he made one for me. We designed it together based on what I need and it turned out perfectly great. Thanks, pa!
  4. Watched two movies at the cinema with Vyn.
  5. Ate at a fancy restaurant with him for a few times last month just so we can justify our work stresses and prove ourselves that we can afford that exorbitant price because we’ve been working hard for it and it was all worth it.
  6. Visited my brother and nephews, they’re so full of energies! ang kukulit. haha
  7. Achieving office tasks I never thought I could. It makes me proud of myself.
  8. Family vacation booked. Yaaas! I’m so excited!
  9. My sister and niece, coming home soon.
  10. My family, being super supportive of my decisions.
  11. I’m finally a step closer to one of my dream businesses, I couldn’t believe how God answered my prayer. I feel so blessed and loved that He gave me His approval and believed in me that I can do it. I wasn’t really expecting, it was just a dream, a plan, and now it’s going to be real!

Life is really full of surprises. Sometimes, we may think we are so jinxed comparing ourselves to others. We look at other people full of blessings and living a better life than us. That is because we were only looking at the good things that were happening to them and the bad things at us. But if we start focusing at everything good, this will somehow change the way we see things, the way we live. And I think, that would be the time that we can finally look at our struggles as a challenge that could make us better and stronger at everything.

Here’s a challenge from me: from this day on, I want you to start looking ONLY at the good things that make you happy and feel good. Just set aside your little mistakes, it wouldn’t really help thinking about it over and over again but would only make you feel worse. Instead, move on and believe that it will only make you wiser and better. And eventually, without a notice, you will see yourself doing great things you never thought you could.

So …… What made you happy lately? I would love to read them below, it makes me happy too. 🙂

**P.S. Photo credits: taken by Vyn at Mall of Asia.**

With so much love from your virtual sister,
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  • This past few days, sadness overcome my body and soul. Yung hubby ko kailangan ng sumakay ng barko and it was the first time na magkakalayo kami ng sobrang tagal. Pero what makes me happy is yung love and trust nasa relationship namin which is naging dahilan kung bakit mas tumatag yung relationship namin. 🙂

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