The Happy List: Vol. 03

Here are the small and big things that made me happy lately .. <3

  1. The feeling of walking on the sand with your bare feet, in a beach.
  2. A memorable birthday vacation gift for Vyn.
  3. Travels with him.
  4. Salty hair and tanned skin.
  5. Stolen kisses and holding hands.
  6. A sweet dance with him in a beach while the sun sets.
  7. New mirrorless camera for blogging, youtube-ing, and capturing memories and travels.
  8. Visiting a church for the first time and praying for my family.
  9. Happy and healthy family.
  10. Safe flights.
  11. Pool dips.
  12. Soaking up some sun.
  13. Jamming sessions with him.
  14. Nephews’ and nieces’ school achievements. Makes me proud. 🙂
  15. Mom’s healthy home-cooked meals.

Aaaaaaand .. before I end this – sharing with you guys one of our moments on his birthday 🙂


Be happy always,
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