The Happy List: Vol. 01

Starting today, I am going to make my own “The Happy List” to remind myself and my readers that life isn’t really cruel at all. There are so many things for us to be thankful for, that sometimes we just don’t get to notice them because we’ve been focusing on our life’s stresses too much. But remember, no matter how big or small these things are, if they somehow made you happy, make them count. I’m pretty sure the positive things are so much more than the negative ones in your life right now.

So here are the little and big things that make me happy lately ..

  1. Roadtrip with my family and boyfriend.
  2. Grape picking in La Union. They’re so fresh and delish!
  3. Church hopping. Visited churches in different places.
  4. Tons of travel and adventure videos and photos.
  5. Books with penguin covers. Got them from Booksale for less than a hundred each. I just love anything penguin. ❤
  6. My own Monopoly. I’ve been wanting to have this all my childhood life. And I finally have one now. It’s so fun playing with my nieces.
  7. Finally getting a laptop desk. Helps me work efficiently in bed.
  8. Pork adobo cooked by my mom today and spaghetti yesterday. Yumyum!
  9. Staying in bed all day but still being productive.
  10. Quiet time on my own.
  11. Four (4) new pairs of shoes.
  12. Batman VS Superman movie date with Vyn on a weekend, after a week of workload.
  13. New song cover by me and Vyn last night. Thinking of uploading it on my Youtube Channel soon.
  14. Successful internet application for the new office, by me of course.
  15. Fast & reliable WiFi at home and at the office.
  16. Working from an AC room, the heat in the Philippines is unforgiving these days.
  17. Bought a new Automatic LG Washing Machine for my mom from my own pocket. Finally replacing our 9-year-old Washy.
  18. Upcoming company project that will really make me busy in the next few months.
  19. Work and Lovelife BALANCE. I am so grateful for having a very supportive boyfriend to my career and still having some cute dates between our busy schedules.

How about you? What made you happy lately? I would love to read them at the comments below. They make me smile. 🙂


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