Product Review: Sweet Honesty by Avon

Have you ever had that experience riding a public vehicle, then a new passenger came in, sat beside you and you felt dizzy because of your seatmate’s foul smell? Well, i had too. That’s probably one of the reasons why i want to smell fresh all day!

I remember using Johnson’s baby cologne when i was in high school because aside from it’s cheap, it’s available at our nearest retail store and you have a lot of different scents to choose from. Then Ellipse Cologne came in running ads on televisions over and over. Out of my curiosity, i tried it too. I love how the smell stays on my clothes all day. That keeps me from spaying cologne again and again just to stay smelling nice.

But then, people move on and change is constant. I met Sweet Honesty from Avon.


Sweet Honesty is one of the most popular perfumes in Avon. I only know two kinds of it, the pink one, and the purple one. Since the classic Sweet Honesty is more popular than the other, i tried it.




Physical Appearance: The bottle looks sexy, the bottle cap looks gorgeously like flower petals and the front print design is so minimal that makes it more attractive. Simple yet elegant.

Aside from bottle’s pretty design, its glass is quite thick too. I accidentally dropped the perfume while spraying some on my clothes and it did not break, not even a single scratch, which is an advantage.

The smell isn’t strong, it doesn’t sting and the nice scent stays soooo long that my clothes still smells nice the next day even after placing them in the hamper for laundry. I love how my boyfriend compliments me for smelling nice. Yey! I can actually get used to this and would definitely use it as my daily perfume.

Now, I feel more confident riding a public vehicle. No more worries! I’m finally feeling fresh all day! 🙂

P.S. Some people say that the purple one smells nicer than the classic pink one. I haven’t tried it though, coz I’m still into the pink one. However, if you’ve tried the purple one, feel free to comment and tell me what you think. I wanna know too. *wink ;)

What’s your favorite perfume?



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