Sharing Pieces from my First Blog – my Teen Self

These snippets were from my Blogspot account back in 2008, I totally have no idea what blogging is all about yet, well I think up until now. haha! It’s kinda funny reading through my past blog posts and I can’t stop laughing at myself how silly and immature I was before. What amazed me was I actually made a post of some of the songs my young self wrote and *ehem* the first time Vyn and I met. hihi 🙂

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

One Kiss from You ♡

I wrote a song but still unfinished. The lyrics goes like this:

When you’re not around
Every other word is your name
Everyone knows how i feel
Though i never told them a thing

They know just from my smiles,
That you’ve got my heart on a string
Everyone knows that music’s around me
’cause you are the song that i sing

You’re the sun in my day
The wind in my sky
The waves in my ocean
And beat in my heart
I’d walk halfway around the world
for just one kiss from you
one kiss from you..

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Crush (Bungka Song)

One of my friends requested me to write a song about his feelings for his crush. So, he told me his story, I mean “their” story. Well, I actually couldn’t relate that much but I tried. And here it is:

Crush (bungka song)
It was Monday afternoon
I was a little doomed
Til I saw you and forgot
how wasted I was that day
It was the 15th of july
I was a little surprised
Coz you came in and out of my head
A million times
(pre chorus) Coz it’s my fantasy
Having you next to me
To see your face, smiling to me
(chorus) My friends keep on teasing, teasing me
Pairing you to me
And I didn’t know what to do
When you pass by in  front of me
My friends keep on teasing, teasing me
Pairing you to me
And I felt, a little shy, a little tensed
So blushed, a little scared
Please don’t mind
If I have a crush on you
Til I saw you with  that girl
And I felt jealous inside me
I almost cried
But I stopped my tears from falling from my eyes .. yeah .. ohh no..
 (repeat prechorus and chorus)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Mysterious Guy in my Early Years in College 🙂

I’ll share a story, about a memory a few months back.
It was during the 2nd semester of my first year in college. I was a transferee from a school an island away from home. My parents decided to convince me to transfer from a University in Cebu to a Business School in Tacloban so i can spend my weekends with them. I am taking up BS Accountancy and my subjects from both schools don’t really have that much difference.
My first month in my new school is kinda boring. I don’t really make new friends. I always go only with my high school friend who is also studying in the same school as mine or sometimes, alone. Strangers, strangers, that is all i see. Strangers in the hallway, strangers in the classroom, strangers everywhere at school!
But, there was this stranger i saw at school, it was around 5:30 of one Thursday afternoon. He was tall, taller than me. He was wearing the school uniform while i don’t which means he belongs to the upperclassmen. Chinky eyes and white complexion, looks mysterious in every way. He was with a friend or two, standing near the room of my next subject. I looked at him with a look of a stranger, then he looked at me and i looked away. I walked alone.
I entered the room of my next subject and seated a chair away from the front door. Few minutes later, i felt like someone is looking at me. So i looked straight through the door and i saw the same stranger, still standing where he stood. Eye-to-eye, we looked at each other, then i, again, looked away.
After the class, i went outside, of course my classmates too, for it is time to go home. He was still there, standing where he stood, with his friends.
It happened over and over for two weeks, twice a week, same days and time of the week – Tuesdays and Thursdays. That i, get to look forward to seeing this stranger over and over every time. Always outside our classroom door. He’s so mysterious that I always wonder who he is and what was he doing there, or who was he waiting for. But of course i’m not the desperate kind of girl who just asks any stranger. So i just stayed calm and quite, and patient.
But, i noticed that i already took the subject that time from my first University, so i decided to Officially Drop it since it was still under the adding and dropping period. And that, there and then, i didn’t have more chances to get to see or know that stranger. That was the last time i saw him, the mysterious college guy. He will forever be a part of my-early-years-in-college memories though. Who knows? Maybe one day, our paths will cross again, right? 🙂

– and yeah, fate is so playful we met again despite the distance. I actually stayed only for one sem in Tacloban, the first time we met, where he finished his college. While me, I transfered to DLSU – dasma just after that sem, which is my last school. Then rest is history, now here we are, sooo done with college, currently working and in a relationship. Oh destiny! Now let’s keep it a secret. Okay? *wink*


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