Road to a Hairless Armpit 5th session of 8: Painless Diode Laser Hair Removal at Blushing Beauty

Hi Pretty Ladies!

We are finally on our fifth session of Diode Laser Hair Removal, and that means we only have three more remaining sessions to go! Yey! But before anything else, here’s a little recap on our previous sessions:

  • Excuse me for the first photo below, I know it looks gross and it seems like I have a shrub hidden under but with all honesty, this was how my pit looked before trying Diode. I intentionally let my armpit hair grew for two months. NO plucking, NO Shaving and NO waxing!



Obviously, even after having only two sessions of Diode, my armpit hair growth has dramatically decreased and change is undeniable compared to the first photo when I haven’t tried Diode yet.

  • What more do you think happened six weeks after my third session? Well of course, I grew lesser and thinner hair, and the photo below was my proof for it was taken six weeks after my third session of Diode.6-weeks-after-3rd-sesh
  • Aaaaaand for the latest, here it is! It took me 2 months to grow my armpit hair after my fourth session of Diode because at six weeks, my armpit still looks clean and hair is barely seen. They were so few and thin that I had to delay taking my fifth session a bit longer.


With that said, it only means that Diode indeed hasn’t failed to deliver their promise. I’m only half way through here yet my hair growth has decreased to almost 70%. If only Blushing Beauty weren’t that consistent on reminding their clients about their scheduled sessions, I would’ve delayed it for up to three months before taking my 5th session.

But of course we have to push this through and experience what’s better, right? 😀

Same procedure happened on my fifth session, but this time, I’ve requested for higher heat settings just to make sure of its effectivity for there were only a small number of hair left. It took us only about ten (10) minutes and we’re done.

  • Photo below was taken night after my fifth session of Diode. The white powdery particles were actually the post laser cream, so please don’t wipe ’em off. **wink**


Forgive me for the phone flash, it was already dark when we reached home from Blushing Beauty. But as you can see, hair dots are barely seen. I couldn’t deny, my armpit looks and feels smooth again. yey!

  • For your contentment, i took another photo of my left and right armpit in daylight 5 days after my fifth session of Diode to show you how slow my hair grows right now.


See that? It has been 5 days already and my armpit hair hasn’t grown yet. You can even count the hair dots if you want to. I swear I’m loving and enjoying my hairless armpit. I’m even more confident now. No worries on raising my arms and exposing what’s under. Aaaand imagine how it also raised my confidence, now I can wear whatever I like everyday – be it a sleeveless blouse or a strapy dress!

I’ll give it another two to three months this time to check how much hair I’ll grow before my sixth session and I hope to see you again by then!

Take care sissy. Love ya!

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  • Hi, i actually had my first session of diode laser today. Do you know the estimated time of laser per arm was done on you? I asked the staff in-charge with my treatment, and she said 1-minute laser time only. So I felt medyo bitin unlike what I read from your previous entry that it took you 30mins to finish the procedure. Unlike mine, it only felt like 10mins. Anyway, your posts really convinced me to try this diode laser treatment. Thank you! 🙂

    • Hello! Oo nga po, it feels bitin most of the time lalo na kung oorasan mo talaga. I think yung standard ko is 7-10 minutes per arm.
      I also experienced inconsistency when it comes to the procedures. My best solution for that is to stick to only one therapist. Magrequest ka ng same therapist every session so you can tell her what you want to happen and para na din siya mismo yung makawitness nung progress ng gawa niya sayo. If hindi maganda yung gawa ng first therapist mo, try mo yung iba sa 2nd, then compare mo who does better and stick to the better one. That’s what I did and so far mas nakaka-kampante sa feeling compared sa papalit-palit na therapist every session.
      Congratulations sa first diode mo sis! Thanks for the heartwarming comment and sana nakatulong ako kahit papano. Cheers to the hairless armpit! 😉

  • Hello po ate, last year ko pa nakita yung promo nila and until now meron pa din, I’m thinking itry kaso eeffect ba siya sakin? Haha! Kasi ang ninipis ng hair niyo sa armpit unlike sakn ksi ngppluck nako before and shave. Tamad dn me talaga alisin hair kaya gusto ko mag pa ganyan. 😀

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