Road to a Hairless Armpit 4th session of 8: Painless Diode Laser Hair Removal at Blushing Beauty

Hey pretty ladies!

I know it’s been a while since I made my last post about Diode. I’ve been so busy this past few weeks in my day job. I’m sorry for the delay. I know you were all waiting for this, and I really appreciate your questions and comments. Keep ’em coming! *wink* 😉

Aaaaaaaand, because I love you guys, here’s a review of my fourth session of Diode.

I admire the consistency of Blushing Beauty when it comes to reminding their clients of their scheduled sessions of whatever services.  I also felt great when they served me some hot tea like the first time. You should try them when you visit their store. It’s really good!

hot tea

Like always, I’m going to show you first on how my armpit looks six (6) weeks after the last session and before having my fourth session of Diode Laser Hair Removal at Blushing Beauty.

(Please disregard the different photo lightings. No photo is filtered, they were just taken at different situations. The first photo is inside the car, 2nd is inside my room against the light, and the 3rd is taken in my room facing the light.)



As you can see, my armpit has lesser hair now than the last time, considering it’s more than a month already of no shaving and plucking since I had my third session of Diode. Hmmm .. seems like my demands from the therapist on applying higher heat settings for my third session have better results than after my second session. I suggest they should maintain it and not reduce the heat too much if it could make the results consistent, coz the last time was really disappointing.

Back to the topic, tiny hairs are falling out when changing clothes and after bath. Here’s a closer look of my armpit, incase you couldn’t zoom in the photo above.

6 weeks after 3rd sesh - zoomed inObviously, aside from having lesser hair, the remaining few are also getting thinner every time, which is good.

And luckily, my therapist for the fourth session would be the same therapist who did my first. Yey! 🙂 I told her what happened to me during my third session and she apologized for the incident, even if it wasn’t her. Then, she proceeded to my most awaited session. hihi 🙂

So, let’s cut the story short, same procedure happened, and it lasted for about 25 minutes. Not bad, the last time was 15 minutes only. The photo below was taken right after my fourth session. So kinis na naman my armpit! Yehey! 🙂

after 4th sesh

Two days after, I thought I forgot to take a pic of my armpits after the session, so i still took pictures anyway. Showing you the photos below, both of my left and right armpit, two days after the 4th Diode. Still clean and makinis, hair spots can’t be easily seen with bare eyes.

after 4th sesh of diode - left and right

Let’s zoom it in to have a closer look at the result, after the 4th session of Diode Laser Hair Removal.

after 4th sesh of diode - zoomed in

Tadaaaaa! Considering it’s been two days already after the session, my armpit still looks clean and is way way waaaaay better than the last one. Hair spots or hair dots are so few I can even count them. It’s so amazing! I so love it!

I’m hoping Blushing Beauty could maintain their services like this. It would really make all of their patients happy and proud. 🙂

Now I have to wait for another six weeks for my fifth session. If you haven’t decided whether you’re ready to try this for yourself yet or not, you can always go check and follow my blog for the updates.

Take care sissy. Love ya!

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  • How much is it for 8 sessions? So you’re still undergoing through it. Base on the results on your UA, I can say that it is obviously effective and I should try it too 🙂 I hope you will answer my question soon <3

  • I had my first session do you use the laser cream? Do you apply it the day after or do you apply it if there is only itchiness felt? They only told me to apply it for 3 days but did not explained it clearly

    • Hi! I always use the post laser cream the next day since I’m having my sessions at night before the mall closes.

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