Road to a Hairless Armpit 3rd session of 8: Painless Diode Laser Hair Removal at Blushing Beauty

Hi ladies!

How did your holidays went? Mine was great! My family is finally complete after years. You know, some of my siblings already have their own family, so having all of us together spending this season is kinda rare and so memorable!

Okay, let’s end the drama.

So here we go, the waiting time is over, I’m finally going to make a review of what happened on my third session of Diode Laser Hair removal. Woohooo!

Just like before, Blushing Beauty‘s nice receptionist texted me about the schedule of my Diode, and yes, i went there. I was immediately accommodated, and I noticed that they didn’t offer me some hot tea like before. Yeah, maybe because it’s my turn right away.

For the recap and update, here’s how my armpit looked like AFTER my first and second session of Diode Laser Hair Removal. This is for you to see the result, six weeks after of having my armpit pampered with Diode.

(Sorry for the different photo lightings but I prefer not having them filtered for a more honest review.)


As you can see, the left photo above has lesser, thinner and shorter hair than the photo on the right that has more and longer. So I asked my therapist how that happened and she wasn’t able to explain it to me. No wonder, I observed she was newly hired by the management in replacement of my previous therapist which I knew originally came from SkinStation.

Supposedly, I would like to show you on how lesser and thinner my armpit hair has become weeks after every session, but sad to say, photos don’t lie. It was kind of disappointing because I was expecting too much, hoping that there’d be lesser hair this time. But based on the results, it seemed like my first session was better than my second, knowing it was the same therapist who did my first and second session of Diode.

Back to the procedure, the new therapist asked me on how high my tolerance of pain is so she can set the machine to higher heat settings just because she couldn’t explain to me well when I asked her why my hair was lesser after my first session than my second. I told her my tolerance to pain was high. Tiis ganda ang lola mo!

So, she did the same, cleaned the surface, put the treatment gel, and moved the handheld device on the area. This time, I could really feel a bit of pain compared to my first two sessions. (Ayan kasi, buti nga sakin!) HAHAHAHA 

Then, everything went fast. My third session was done in fifteen minutes and deep in my head I was like, “Seriously? Tapos na? Fifteen minutes palang ah?” My first two sessions lasted for like 30-45 minutes and I was shocked when my third lasted for only 15 minutes. I swear, I always do some time checking before and after every session, and I find it weird when the session ended that fast.

It was also annoying when she keeps on selling me about 5-10 of their other skin care products and services during the session when I don’t really actually need them. Imagine, in fifteen minutes, it felt like she was only trying to sell me almost every product they have instead of just focusing on what she was doing. It was like her main goal was to sell and not to give a nice service to a customer who is CURRENTLY lying in bed and having her session. My former therapist wasn’t like that.

I went out of the room after my third session and my sister was like, “Tapos ka na? Bilis ah.” Okay. End of convo. I also noticed the therapist didn’t offer me some hot tea after. I remembered that the former therapist always offers us that nice hot tea before and after session. Mapapaihi ka sa kakainom. haha!

The result on my left and right armpit after the 3rd session of Diode Laser Hair Removal.

So here’s the result of my third session (photos taken at home, of course), as you can see, the tiny back dots are so visible that it normally looks like just a shaved armpit hair. The end result wasn’t really as clean as my previous ones, and to give you a closer look, here it is. (see photo below)

Zooming in: A closer look at the result of the 3rd session of Diode Laser Hair Removal.

I don’t know how to feel, when I think my third session is a waste of time and money. I’m just hoping for the best that maybe this time around my armpit hair would grew thinner than before. Photos don’t lie tho, based on the results, my first session was the best and my second session was better than this.

I think Blushing Beauty failed to maintain their good service quality this time. Ooopsies. Sorry but I hate sugar-coating and I always wanted to make an honest review.

Now I have to wait for another six weeks for my fourth session. If you haven’t decided whether you’re ready to try this for yourself yet or not, you can always go check and follow my blog for the updates.

Take care sissy!

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