Road to a Hairless Armpit 2nd session of 8: Painless Diode Laser Hair Removal at Blushing Beauty

Having my armpits pampered and taken care of, my confidence also had a doze of boosts. I can wear sleeveless and strappy tops without worrying much on how my armpits look. I am so positive no hair is visible or can be instantly seen with the naked eye. Unless your eyes have some “zooming in” effect. hahaha 😀

Finally, after 6 weeks of waiting from my first session of Diode Laser Hair Removal at Blushing Beauty, i can have my second session! yey! 🙂 (if you haven’t read about my first session yet, click here)

a - tea

What I like about my therapist is that she always offers me a cup of hot tea before my session while waiting for my turn. She’s the same therapist who did my first session of Diode Laser Hair Removal. But before I went to Blushing Beauty, I made an appointment first as to when I can have my second session, and that’s supposed to be 6 weeks after my first. Their receptionist is also accommodating by the way.

after 1 session

Sooo, excuse me for this photo for while but this is the result (my proof) of the Diode Laser Hair Removal, and this is exactly how my armpit hair looks like six weeks after my first session. This photo is taken inside the car while we’re on the way to Blushing Beauty for my 2nd session of Diode. As you may have noticed, more or less than 80% of my armpit hair is almost gone. **Okay, if you want to see how much armpit hair i have before having Diode, you can go check my first session – it is there and you have to brace yourself for the jungle! hahaha! 😀

a - equipments

I haven’t taken a photo of the tools and machine that they are using the last time, so here it is – for your reference.

Like what I’ve told you before, I couldn’t show you how they did it for they have covered my eyes with goggles to protect them from any damages that may be caused from the laser light. But then again, I can tell you how it felt.

a - sessh

The room light is kinda refreshing! LOL

The same process went, my therapist cleaned the surface to remove any deo and sweats before the session. Then the therapist put some treatment gel on my armpit and moved the handheld piece on the area where the gel is, for several minutes, with continuous motion.

Unlike the first session, my second time kinda feels like she’s poking the needles to my armpit and there’s a super duper tiny bit of burning sensation. However, you can always tell your therapist about the feeling so she can adjust it from the machine. I just have a high tolerance when it comes to pain, so it was no big deal. Anyway, i also believe in the saying “No pain, no gain”. Tiis ganda ang lola mo! hahaha

after-1-and-2TADAAAAAAAAAA! So here’s the finish product. lol Did i just say product? hahaha 🙂

As you can see, the tiny black dots that are visible after my first session reduced after the 2nd session. It’s amazing how the results are soooo obvious that I can’t wait to complete the 8 sessions! I’m hoping for a consistent better result, from lesser hair to none. Hopefully.

Now I have to wait for another six weeks for my third session. If you haven’t decided whether you’re ready to try this for yourself yet or not, you can always go check and follow my blog for the updates.

Take care sissy!



  • I had my first session done last January 8 at the Robinsons’ Manila branch and they did not shave my underarm hair before the procedure. Weird. I observed slower hair growth but not that noticeable and only for a certain area of my underarm. It’s only two weeks since my first session and sadly my underarm hair looks fully grown already, unlike yours. Maybe its because my hair growth is really fast like what your underarm looked like after 2 months of no shaving, that’s what mine would like after 2 or 3 weeks only of no shaving huhu. I tried asking if I can have the second session even if 6 weeks has not passed yet but they insisted it should be 6 weeks 🙁 But I’m not giving up on it yet, I still have 7 sessions to go.

    • I think “not shaving your hair” before the session is common sa Diode Laser ng ibang company, sa blushing beauty or Skinstation lang ata nagshashave muna before the session. I was actually expecting them not to shave my hair nung first time ko, nagulat pa ko nung nishave nila. However, growing your hair for a certain amount of time is only for them to find out kung saan banda nila mas dapat ifocus yung laser.
      Kalma lang tayo sa results, sis. Siguro naman it’ll get better every session. Matagalan lang talaga yung waiting time.

      Dette 🙂

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