Restaurant Review: Holy Crab! Seafood Bar #holycrabmentality

I have always been a fan of seafood. Growing up near the sea made me love everything about the sea. I could still remember when I accidentally caught a trapped shrimp while searching for some seashells under the soil during low tide hours. Then I’d bring all I got to my mom for her to cook and serve for dinner. Fresh seashells yumm!  

Nope. My parents never asked me to do that. It was just me. I just love the sea that when it’s low tide, my childhood friends and I will go there and play, and just when we had enough of playing, we’ll get some seashells under that moist soil. Some of them will sell what they got at the market, and me, I’ll bring them home for dinner. And the fresh seashells are so tasty!

Up until now that we’re far from where I grew up, I still love the sea and seafood. My whole family is a seafood lover. I don’t know why, but there’s something in it that’s so irresistible!


Til one time I craved for one. My boyfriend and I searched for a restaurant in SM Mall of Asia and we bumped into this new seafood bar around. Fortunately, a lady (i think she’s kind of the manager or the owner coz she’s so hands on, i forgot to ask) standing beside their menu stand outside the bar, explained to us what’s in the store and eventually convinced us to get in and try. So we did.


The interior’s design is so vibrant and reminiscent of the life at the sea. I like how the chairs were paired differently. The walls make it more inviting to step in and indulge in the ambiance. When you turn your head to every nook and cranny, there’s always something new and different to see, which is a welcome treat from the conventional and one-dimensional. So hippy! I also like the “Tom and Jerry” series shown on their screen. My boyfriend had fun for he remembered all of those series from his childhood.


Their tables were covered in manila papers where you’re free to draw and write whatever you like while waiting for your order. Different colored crayons are already on the table. No need to ask for one. 😉


This is how you holy crab!

Honestly speaking, I’m NOT writing this restaurant review just because it’s our first time here but because we already ate here not just once, but twice and still would love to go back and eat again. Happy customers yup!

This is the first time we ate at Holy Crab Seafood Bar.

The first time we ate there was amazing. We ordered the Holy Crab catch with the Garlicky Lime and Salted Egg sauce which is a bomb! Paired it with the Raspberry citrus as drink is perfect! The cute part is, we literally laughed when we saw that blue arinola on the table. Thinking there’s some soup or something in it. But thanks beee to the heavens there’s nothing in it and it’s only for the leftover shells. haha!

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The second time we went there was kinda unfortunate, as seen on the menu. The Holy Crab catch was out of stock forcing us to try their other dishes. So yeah, why not? Here’s what we got.

HOLY CRAB! BUNCH. Sizzling Plate. Php 300.
Holy Calamari! Php 200.

Though we weren’t able to have our favorite, these dishes still left our tummy filled and happy. They’re so tasty, yummy, and whatever word it is appropriate to describe something so delicious!

I could say that this restaurant is really really really really full of surprises! Well obviously we’re one of the few happy customers and sure will keep on coming back! For our third time and more, I’ll make sure the Holy Crab catch is avaible so I could try it with their other sauces! 🙂



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