“My Belkin Wishlist”

Ladies and gents, who among you cannot live a day without your gadgets? Raise your hand! *raises hand*


Yep, I admit it, I’m also one those guilty gadget freaks who couldn’t live without a laptop (for my blogging, browsing etc.) and couldn’t leave the house without a phone (for communication purposes). It makes me feel incomplete. Like come on! We’re living in the Digital Era and technology has transformed people to depend too much on gadgets.

Though, it’s kind of negative that today’s generation is depending on technology, but the good thing about it is it made us reconnect with people through social media, it gave us an easy access to any kinds of information through the internet, it made us entertained from the latest apps and games, and it transformed us into humans who value memories and precious moments by capturing them through cameras and sharing them to the world.

But how can we capture those precious moments if our gadgets are a little unequipped like having an empty battery on the road just when you saw something unusual and worth sharing for? How about capturing your kid’s first school play but failed to take a video just because of the same thing, empty battery.

So today I made a list of the things that I would need for my gadgets to avoid the uncaptured precious moments in my daily life. How and where will I make my list? Of course, online! I’m sharing you my top 5 most wanted Belkin products at Lazada.

These are the top 5 of my Belkin Wishlist.

You can also create your own Belkin wishlist by creating an online account at lazada and simply add your favorite items to your list.

First from my list is this Belkin Road Rockstar 4 Port Family Car Charger Port 7.2A (Black) worth  2,490.00


From the name itself, its totally a rock star for you can seamlessly charge 4 devices simultaneously while on the go. 2 front seat USB ports charge smartphones at optimum speeds withshared 2.4A, while the extendable hub allows backseat passengers to charge 2 tablets simultaneously at 2.4A per port, perfect for long road trips!

Second is Belkin F5L155qeWHT QODE Thin Type Keyboard Case for iPad Air  worth  2,495.00


As a blogger that loves to travel, this keyboard case for ipad would be a very helpful accessory for me. Travelling with a laptop is heavy and having a handy ipad with this thin keyboard case would help a lot of bloggers like me to have a better blogging experience while travelling. Why this and not any other universal bluetooth keyboard?


It is made of unibody anodized aluminum measuring less than 4 millimeters, the QODE Thin Type Keyboard Cover protects your iPad Air without adding bulk, making it easy to slide your iPad Air into your purse, briefcase, or backpack.


It has a Smart Sensing Technology that automatically turns the iPad Air keyboard on when you need it and off when you don’t, and function-specific keys provides shortcuts for copying and pasting text, adjusting volume, or playing music.


The well-spaced TruType keys on this laptop-style keyboard are designed to promote typing accuracy. A spring mechanism underneath each key provides a tangible response with every stroke, letting you type quickly and with fewer errors as you draft emails, write papers, or chat online.


Third is the Belkin 2.4A Universal Charger Kit (White) worth  2,390.00

One problem we’ve encountered while travelling is the charger. When we went to Belgium, Rome, and Paris, our chargers didn’t match their electric ports. Forcing us to buy a more expensive charger in those countries. This universal charger kit would be a big help for the travelers like me.

What’s amazing about this product is it has the ability to plug in to local power outlets anywhere in the world which is vital for staying connected and safe when work or pleasure takes you out of the country. The Global Travel Kit provides one charger with 6 interchangeable tips that safely cover the 6 dominant power formats across the world. Plus, with 2.4A output, it gives the fastest possible charging for all your devices, whatever country you’re in.

Fourth is the Belkin Universal Window and Dash Car Navigation Mount for Smartphones (Black) worth  1,490.00


Every time my sister and I are travelling by car, we are always using Waze to avoid the traffic and to check the right directions to new places. Having this gizmo could help us hold our gadget in place.

What’s amazing about this product is it is small and discreet. To the biggest smartphones on the market, this Car Universal Mount will fit your phone perfectly. It has extendable arms that could firmly cradle your phone, while the mount adheres securely to your windshield or dashboard. Plus, with the ability to tilt and rotate the cradle, it’s easy to find the perfect viewing angle for navigation.

And the last but not the least, the Belkin MIXIT Lightning to USB Keychain (Gold) worth  1,590.00


Being prepared for anything should complement your personal style, not compromise it. The MIXIT↑ Lightning-to-USB Keychain puts your charger cable in your pocket or on your keychain, so wherever you go, it goes with you. At work or on the go, this discreet accessory means you can charge up and share photos, whenever you want.

I like how you can be classy and chic with its design. It is small and lightweight yet durable. It is a highly functional accessory that fuses utility with subtlety. Now, there’s no reason to leave home without your charger cable. The clever design means an end to messy, tangled cables in your bag.

With these Belkin accessories, I can finally make sure there’ll be no uncaptured precious moments anytime, anywhere!

You can check-out the Belkin products in Lazada through this link: http://www.lazada.com.ph/belkin-ph-by-macpower/

And you can also like their official Belkin PH Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/BelkinASEAN/

How about you, what’s your most wanted Belkin products?




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