La Union: The Great Grape Picking Experience

Growing up near the sea, fruit picking in a farm is something uncommon to me. When my sister said they’re going to La Union for that great grape picking experience, I immediately said I’ll come with them. No second thoughts.

While we have to leave so early to avoid Manila’s scary traffic, we had our breakfast on the way to cut some time instead. This isn’t a paid post, but I just wanna share that I love Mcdonald’s hot choco drink and Cheesy Eggdesal (not on pic) breakfast meal to go.

La Union is a few hours drive from Manila, but since we’re from Cavite, we had an extra hour of travel for that. We kind of had a hard time looking for Lomboy’s Farm in Bauang, La Union since they relocated their office and Waze kept on leading us to their old farm. So, we asked the locals intead and they were so helpful we finally found the farm on the road.

We inquired in their office, registered, and guess what? They told us that picking grapes in their farm is actually FREE! Literally no entrance fee. The only thing you have to pay are the grapes that you picked, and that’s it.

Photo below is the top view of one of their grape farms. Yeah, farms with an “S” because they have a lot and that’s not where we’re picking ours.

They led us the way from the highway, drove 5 minutes and walked for another 3 minutes under the sun. Yes, it was too sunny but it wasn’t really too hot because it was windy at the same time.

TADAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Look how beautiful it is to walk under.

They gave us baskets and scissors, and taught us the proper way of cutting them from the vines. They also taught us how to distinguish between a nice kind of ripe grapes from the unripe ones. But be warned and learn how to control yourself, you mind end up putting all of the fresh grapes in your mouth and not in the basket! HAHAHA 😀 Just look how irresistible they are.

I never thought I’d enjoy picking grapes this much that we got a lot. Just look at my basket, it’s almost full. Gathering all the grapes from different baskets turned out we harvested at total of five (5) kilos! Wooooh! I guess it only means we have a lot to eat on the road. hihi

And before we go and say goodbye, we had a little photo op and posed with the vines. Love the cooperative models!

Overall, we had a great grape picking experience and I wouldn’t trade this day to be anywhere else. In fact, I made a mini movie of this memorable trip here.

Have a happy day!
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