Isdaan Floating Resto-Fun Park

My sister bought a new car so she could fetch her kids by herself to and from school. Since we pinoys have this tradition of making binyag to the new things that we get, and given that we love long road trips, we gave it a go.

Presenting, the Isdaan Floating Restaurant and Fun Park in Calauan, Laguna.

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Large Mermaid Buddhas will welcome you at the entrance,

The first thing that came to my mind when we reached our destination makes me rethink if we’re still in the Philippines or if our long road trip has gone too far that we reached Thailand. Haha! But nope, we’re still in the Philippines.

From the name itself, it is a restaurant and a fun park in one. It doesn’t look like any other ordinary restaurants but more likely a recreational park with a Thailand Theme. And what’s more interesting is knowing that Isdaan is actually owned by the Ongpauco’s which also managed Barrio Fiesta, known as a restaurant that serves Filipino cuisine. A Thailand-themed restaurant that serves Filipino food? Hmmm.. Must be awesome! 🙂

As you enter Isdaan you will be bombarded by lots of giant mermaids.

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While waiting for our order, we’ve decided to roam around the place and discovered that there’s so much to see. The more we explore, the more we realize that the whole place is really huge!

If you get lost and your mom calls you and asks where you are, don’t ever tell her you are around or near the mermaids. Please don’t! You’ll only end up confusing her. haha 🙂 Look.
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Fish feeding is FREE by the way. We paid nothing for a kilo of fish food unlike in Nuvali where you have to pay per pack.


TACSIYAPO is also available here. You can buy mugs, plates, bowls, wall clocks, or even a box type tv from Php 20 – 2,000.
Here’s how you do it: Put all of your heartaches, hatred, stress and all of the bad vibes you’re going through from all of the people and things that you want to release into the cup, plate or whatever you bought and shoutTACSIYAPO before smashing them towards the wall. Great experience to release all of the negative things that gives you all that stress.
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After wandering around, it’s time to EAT! Wohoooh! But don’t forget to wash your hands first. 😉
I can’t say that the food is too expensive, nor too cheap. I think the price of  Php 400-500 is just right for the servings. We only paid a total of Php 2,200 for the food and drinks. Just right for a family of  5 adults and 2 kids. 🙂
Everything is so yummy, except for the shrimp, i didnt really liked it that much. It tastes too bland.


I find it cute when they served the Shrimp Sinigang from the kawayan. yumm!
They also served rice in kaldero. We ordered 2 😉



It would be more fun if you visit Isdaan with your family, friends and loved ones. Look! Even Shrek brought his family too! hihi 🙂

How to get there by public transportation: 🚃
From cubao, ride a bus going to STA.CRUZ, LAGUNA.
Then tell the driver to drop you at CALAUAN-ISDAAN.
Estimated travel time: 1 and a half to 2 hrs. 🕒
Fare: Php 106 only!!!

til next time!



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