Grape Picking – La Union

It was an amazing experience when my family and I tried the famous strawberry picking in Baguio last year. Time flies really fast that we thought it was just yesterday. Until facebook reminded us that “one year ago” thingy. And we thought, we should do it again this year, but with a different fruit in a different place. Cool, right?

So, just when summer has started, we tried this astounding grape picking experience in Lomboy’s Farm, Bauang, La Union. Check out how the experience went, in the video below: (to skip the travel part, go to 0:45)

There is no entrance fee for this experience. You only have to inquire and register at their office along the highway (shown in the video), then they’ll guide you to their farm, and hand you the scissors and baskets. Then, you can just pick as many grapes as you want and pay for what you got. Simple as that! NO HIDDEN CHARGES. It’s so fun and the kids loved eating them fresh from the vines.

The grapes are also surprisingly sweet, not sour. And they just got sweeter when stored in the fridge. We bought a total of 5 kilos, 2 kilos for our home and 3 kilos for my sister’s. Ours lasted for a week and they’re still so good, while theirs lasted for 2 days only. The kids just can’t resist.

We had so much fun we even joked around that we’ll be harvesting coconuts next year, and it’ll be free if you can drink the coconut juice while you’re on the tree! HAHA! 😀

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  • Ohh, the nostalgic feeling when I’m still in Baguio. Picking fresh fruits is the best feeling! I’m not aware that we have grape picking here in ph.

  • Wow grapes! Natawa naman ako dun sa coconuts sis tas kakainin sa taas ng puno. jajajaja joker ka pala.

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