Food Review: Paris feels at the French Baker

The French Baker is one of the most common stores in any SM supermalls. It has been popular from its breads and pastries for more than twenty five years. They obviously bake their breads fresh daily based on how I always see a lot of people lining up at their store before the mall closes for they are selling them at a discounted price everyday. But aside from that, did you know that they also serve some dishes? And yep! It gave me some Paris feels and remembered the days I was in Paris.


“The French Baker has built its success out of its Founder and President Johnlu G. Koa’s vision for innovation:
to take the idea of the neighborhood bakery to the next level, allowing every Filipino to enjoy freshly-baked,
high-quality, and affordable breads. 
The French Baker remains on top, and is steadfast in its commitment
to serve the freshest, healthiest, and most affordable baked goods to its valued, loyal clients.”

Their Menu




Our Orders

Price: FREE

Their meals came with a complimentary soup and shall be served first before any.

Chicken Cordon Bleu. Php 240

The chicken is a bit dry but the sauce makes every bite worth it. yum!

Chicken Fricasse A L’ancienne in Casserole. Php 275

This one looks and tastes like the Filipino style Ginataang Manok. Nothing more.

Hamburger Steak. Php 230

My personal favorite! It’s not like the other burger steaks from any fast food chains which is dry and tastes processed. In fact, its burger patty tastes fresh and juicy. The best burger steak I’ve tried so far! 🙂

Beef Burgundy in Casserole. Php 295

We ordered this meal because it looks so yummy in photo, and the description sounds interesting too. But it is surprising bitter and tastes like trash. So we looked at the description again and thought, maybe it’s the red wine sauce that made it bitter. My expectations were a bit high because this one is the most expensive of all the dishes we’ve ordered. But I didn’t like it and will never order this meal again.

The rice that came with the Beef Burgundy in Casserole.
Fettucini alla Carbonara Php 190

I’d like to suggest to please please please eat the carbonara right away and don’t ever think of taking it home for it only will get spoiled
even for just an hour or two. It happened to us and I don’t know how. Some carbonaras can last longer but this one didn’t.

Chocolate Ice Cream Shake. Php 185

Finally! The chocolate ice cream shake! I soo love this. I ate all of the ice cream first before the shake. I wasn’t even able to finish everything for I am already full and this serving is so big for one person. I hope they have a smaller one, that would be enough for me 🙂

So, aside from their freshly baked breads and pastries, their meals are also surprisingly delish except for the beef burgundy in casserole. No wonder they are still in the industry after more than twenty five years.

Will I go back? Yes! But would probably try their other dishes. 🙂

For more info, visit their website at



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