Food Review: Max’s Restaurant, Ayala Ave. Makati City

One weekday, Vyn went to my office after work so we can have a quick review of Microsoft Dynamics AX. After a little haggardness, we’ve decided to have some dinner around makati before heading home. Since it was around 8:30 pm already, We had no other choice but to eat at the nearest restaurant before we ran out of any.

We were supposed to eat at North Park but the crew is kind of intimidating, he doesn’t want us to sit at the four-seater sofa just because we were only two. The place wasn’t even 1/3 full and it’s already 8:30 pm, their closing time is 9:00 pm. As if a lot of diners are gonna arrive that they wouldn’t have much space for everyone, so we left.

And since our hungry bellies are already fighting for justice, we’ve decided to eat at the nearest restaurant, Max’s – which is only beside North Park. That’s when I only knew that it’s actually Vyn’s first time to eat there. Here’s what we had on our table:

Sinigang na Baboy Php 293.00 Serving: 3-4

The sinigang na baboy is unexpectedly too sour that I could extremely feel the taste up to my jaw. He chose this coz he’s been craving for soup. They said this serving is for 3-4 persons but there were only 3 cuts of pork and it was kinda fatty. There’s a lot of veggies, though.

Max’s Budget Meal Php 215.00

He also chose this as his main meal. It comes with an iced tea. I ate the salad by the way. haha!

Shrimp Gambas Php 315.00

This one’s my choice. Been craving for some seafood and this one’s attractive from the menu, so we gave it a go. We were kinda disappointed of it at first because it tastes plasticky. The shrimp isn’t fresh, a bit chewy and bland. So I tried eating it with a lot of sauce – hoping that it would make any difference. And it did! It was actually yummy with so much sauce and we only discovered that just when we were almost half way of finishing it. Ugh!

However, we had fun having dinner here. The crews were nice and accommodating compared to the ones in North Park. They let us sit on a four-seater sofa. Yey! We paid Php 865.00 in total. Not bad.

How about you? What’s your favorite dish at Max’s?




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