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Being a young adult gives me a lot of excitement when it comes to future planning or thinking of what lies ahead of me. I know reaching the finish line of college doesn’t mean everything ends there but the start of the reality of everything instead.

Finding a decent job comes afterwards and there goes the happiest feeling on earth, receiving your first salary. It may not be that much, but it means a LOT. Some young adults use their very first salary on buying the things they’ve been wanting to buy, something they can’t buy often like when they were still receiving allowances from their parents. Some are buying the things they need for their first job such as the corporate attire, office shoes, and all of the other things. Some spend it for their first out of town from their first fruit of labor. Some spend it on something that they would be reminded of their very first salary when they get older. While me? I gave it to my parents.

It has always been a dream of mine when I were still at school, to give my very first salary to my parents as a token of appreciation on how they raised me and my siblings well. A simple thank you perhaps? But since I also need some money for my daily transportation to and from work, I wasn’t able to give them the whole amount of it. What made me laugh is mama said she will go to SM later and buy it for something because stuffs there are on SALE. HAHAHA 🙂 But I think it’s always on sale when it’s sweldo time.

Going back, that is only one of the few of my dreams. And since I’m done with my first mission, I’m going to my next goal. To save, save, save. Why save? Because I want to have enough money to start my own business. And having a business should mean having more income. Having more income would also mean more savings. HAHAHA 🙂

Yeah, I’m that kind of girl. I dream of having lots and lots of money so I could buy lots and lots of properties and investments for my parents, my family, and the future of my next generation. I want to secure them.

However, I thought saving is not enough if I don’t have an idea on how much my property or my Perfect Dream Home costs. So I searched through the net and found

prop24_1 is the fastest growing property portal in the Philippines.  They provide an effective online platform for leading Real Estate Developers, Agencies and Brokers that allows them to showcase their property listings to a wider audience of qualified prospective Buyers.

What makes me more confident on browsing through their site is the golden ribbon on the  left side that says it is the No. 1 Property Website in the Philippines.

They have a lot of property listings, be it in Manila, Cavite, Cebu, or other popular areas in the Philippines. Browsing through their site led me to the TOP 5 of my PERFECT HOME.


As a working young adult, a property near the Central Business District of Makati is a necessity. Since the traffic jam is still an unresolved problem in the Philippines for decades, I think moving close to my workplace is an advantage than travelling for hours just because you’re stuck in traffic. Sabi nga nila, may forever sa EDSA. So I browsed through their website and found this.

A homey arrangement is a MUST. Who would want to go home from work feeling exhausted and you don’t have a nice couch to sit on? A view of the city lights is relaxing too while freeing your mind from the work stress.
Of course a kitchen and dining area is a big yes. I’d still love to cook for dinner after work. Besides, eating outside everyday isn’t budget friendly.


Finally, a comfy BED! A relaxing bedroom can help me have a good night sleep and be ready for another day of work. FIGHT! haha 😀

Find your Perfect Home in Makati here.


Sometimes it’s okay to free yourself from work, relax and have a dose of Vitamin SEA! Who doesn’t love the beach anyway?

I grew up in Leyte and we don’t have a backyard but a back beach. hahaha 🙂 Yeah, I grew up near the sea. I swim on the high tide, find seashells at low tide. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why even after living in a lively city, I’m still going back to where my heart is, the sea. The fresh air, the sound of the waves and the fine sand relaxes me instantly and makes me feel at home. I know my family misses that too. That’s why having a vacation house in Boracay is so perfect for us!

An apartment or condominium in Boracay is more ideal to me than a beach house. If we will live in the City and go here only to relax, it would also mean we have to get a care taker to look after our house. This makes it a Perfect Home for us in Boracay because we don’t need to worry of our condominium’s security. Infact, this kind of set up makes us feel like we’re staying in a fancy hotel, right? 🙂
The scenic view is so picture perfect. Just look at that, wouldn’t you feel relaxed? 🙂
What makes it more attractive is it makes me more reconnected to mother earth. The sea, the sky and the trees, who wouldn’t want to see these? 🙂
The coolest thing on earth why having a property in boracay is perfect, is because of its famous fine white sand. While you’re in the City and working, you can let others rent in your condo. Now, that’s passive income! 🙂

Find your Perfect Home in Boracay here.


When I was in high school, my family and I went to Tagaytay and my mom was in awe from the beautiful houses that can be seen from the road and she said, maybe the properties here are very expensive, sosyaaaaal! And I thought, I would also love to have a property here. Not because it is expensive or sosyal, but because the weather is so nice. I don’t think we’d need an aircon and that would be enough to cut our electricity bills.

This 3 bedroom Condominium in Tagaytay is a Perfect Vacation Home for me and family or friends. We can have an awesome vacation without travelling far. Just a 2-hour drive away from the City to relax. Perfect for the times we don’t want to travel far but still have a relaxing vacation.
Of course relaxing means having a relaxing place to stay in. This living room doesn’t only looks cozy but also feels cool even without an AC. The cool weather in Tagaytay is normal, and that’s a fact!
Just like our home in Leyte, I also wanted to have a second living room at the second floor. I can only imagine myself staying there and watching movies with my cousins or friends while the oldies are downstairs. 🙂
In case we didn’t want to eat out, we can still have a restaurant-like dining if the interior design is like this. So simple, yet classy.
What turned me on from this property is the spacious kitchen. I love to cook, as well as my family. A spacious and clean looking kitchen is a plus plus plus for us!

And the bedrooms can do their main job too, to make you feel relaxed and forget for a while the corporate’s stress-causing problems. 🙂




Finally, a clean bathroom. A 10-20 minutes soak in the bathtub can help lessen stress. You can even lit a scented candle at one side to make it more relaxing and romantic. 🙂

And Oh! I’m also planning to let other people rent in my condo like a hotel while I’m at the city and working. I love earning a passive income for a more secured future. 🙂

Find your Perfect Home in Tagaytay here.


My family loves travelling and long road trips, the first time we went to Baguio as a family, we rented a whole house for days because it’s cheaper and more practical than staying in a hotel. Besides, we will be staying only at night because day time is gala time. A time for us to explore the beauty of Baguio. I’ll tell you why this could be a Perfect Home or perfect vacation house for my family.

This Dream Mansion of mine in Baguio has 8 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms and a parking lot for 4 cars. Perfect for my HUGE family.

I have 6 siblings, my parents, my brothers and sister in law, plus my nephews and nieces. Yes, we travel altogether and fit ourselves in one, two or three cars. It depends which of the cars we’ll use. And that makes this house more perfect for my family because of there are 8 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms and the parking lot is enough for our cars. We’d really keep on going back to Baguio without worries only if this is ours.

A living room, dining and kitchen is also important in our vacations, that’s why we always make sure there’s a place for us to relax, eat and cook. And besides, these rooms are my favorites because that’s where my family can do some bonding and reconnecting to each other. A family that bonds so strong, is a family that stays together for so long. May forever! So comfy, So homey, So perfect! 🙂
A hotel-like restroom. I don’t know why, but a good looking rest room is so appealing to me. I once read a book that says some businesses are created in the toilet. Why? Because this is a place where we always think of things deeply, where we think of problems and solutions, where we create our Plan A and Plan B. So having a clean and appealing restroom is so much better than a dirty one. Perfect!
My mom has a green thumb and soft heart for plants. Giving her a space to create her mini garden is a plus! Making my mom happy, makes me happy too. And that makes this house more of a perfect home.

Find your Perfect Home in Baguio here.


Today, Davao City is one of the Safest Cities in the World. And that’s one good reason to have a property there. Metro Manila is so scary you can’t walk alone in the middle of the night. Unlike in Davao, your mind is at peace day or night. Thanks to Mayor Duterte for being a good leader of discipline.

I’ve already been to Davao and it was one of my school trips. The experience was amazing and the people were very helpful. What else can I look for when Davao is so perfect? 🙂

Since Davao is so perfect, I also need to find a property as perfect as Davao, and I bumped into this. THE VERY DREAM HOUSE OF MY DREAM HOUSES, the most Perfect Home and the very exact copy of the Dream House that I have been discussing with my boyfriend.

Presenting .. *drums rolling*

Living in one of the Safest City in the World makes me more confident in owning a very expensive property. This is not just expensive, but spacious, relaxing and so beautiful! 🙂
Of course a garden is must-have for my mama. Like I said earlier, she has a green thumb and a soft heart for plants. She can make a landscape of her plants here. 🙂
The entrance welcomes you with a very beautiful and modern interior design. If you’d ask me, I love decorating houses, and this is exactly how I’d arrange the interior of my house.
Having a HUGE family also means having a huge living room. No need for us to make siksik just so everyone can sit. hahah 🙂 This place even makes me imagine of celebrating Christmas with the whole family here. 🙂
A spacious kitchen and dining area. So perfect for my parents, they can finally cook name-forgetting-dishes together. No need to take turns. I can even already smell the Christmas Spirit now, and their cooking! 🙂
One of the problems we’ve been facing is our two-door ref. It isn’t enough for us, specially on special occasions, the space is so tiny. Having this kind of fridge is so awesome! We can finally prepare a lot of desserts and goodies! 🙂
Aside from the living room, I also wanted a terrace just like our home in Leyte, though this one’s more classy. hihi 🙂 Of course there are times that we’d like to just sit there, talk about things in life, and breathe some fresh air while having a cup of tea or a glass of juice. One of my favorite moments with mama, papa and my sibs. 🙂
This spiral staircase also reminded me of our house in Leyte. We have a spiral staircase there too. We were really worried during the typhoon thinking what if Yolanda will also wreck our home. But thanks to Thee, we were one of the lucky ones, our house is still there, standing still and whole.
Having my own office is also a BIG YES! Of course not just me but also my future husband or anyone else in my family. Having a Perfect Home requires a lot of hard work, and staying in the  perfect home requires the same too. Achieving your dream doesn’t mean it’s the finish line but the start of a wonderful journey and a wonderful life. You have to keep on moving, pushing and working to stay on living in your dream. 🙂
My dream life is not just about working to have my Dream home. But also keeping everything balanced like maintaining a sport. The boys in my family will surely love this. This can help keep our family close.
And what’s the sense of being rich and famous, if you’re not fit and healthy? We currently have this at our present home, and my mama and papa still uses them even if they’re already senior citizens. haha 🙂 That’s why I’d still want to have them in my Future Perfect Home because my family loves staying fit and healthy, so we can still be together for so long. 🙂
Finally, our own CINEMA!! We love watching movies together. Having this can give us a perfect family bonding in our Perfect Home.

Of course it’s okay to dream and plan your future once in a while. But we also have to wake up and work hard to make your dream a reality. I know my Perfect Home is far from the average and my boyfriend is probably kind of pressured already. But I’m still young and very motivated to achieve it. It may not be now, but someday. 🙂 Atleast I already have an idea on how much my Perfect Dream Home costs. Seeing the actual photos makes me realize that it’s achievable and not impossible. 🙂

Oh! Before i forget, you can find your Perfect Home in Davao here. And might as well, create your own online account at so you can bookmark your favorite property for reference or even send a message to the broker or agent. I already did 🙂

So, where and what’s your Perfect Home?


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