Dragon Mania: Lynx Dragon

The Lynx Dragons’ luxurious whiskers will be spoken of in legends. However, a trainer must know that these creatures are more than just cute faces. These sneaky hunters are always leaving the results of their latest expeditions at their trainer’s doorstep.

lynx dragon (1)
Lynx Dragon Egg

Breeding Time: 0
Hatching Time: 23 hours 30 minutes
Buy Price: 1000 Gems (available once obtained)
Sell Price: 8450 Gold

lynx dragon (2)

Rarity: Epic

lynx dragon (3)
Baby Lynx Dragon
lynx dragon (4)
Adult Lynx Dragon

Habitat: Energy, Fire, and Earth
Weakness: Void

Breeding Formula:
Can’t be bred. You can get from the arena, Bronze 1 league (rank 1- 60)


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