Dragon Mania: How to breed an Elemental Dragon

The Elemental Dragon can be quite moody, alternating between a fiery temper and bouts of weeping. This trainer has learned to leave it be when it;s being moody, as attempts to calm it can sometimes result in indoor hurricanes.

Elemental Dragon (1)
Elemental Dragon Egg

Breeding Time: 12 hours/ 9 hours 36 minutes (VIP)
Hatching Time: 19 hours 20 minutes/  15 hours 28 minutes (VIP)
Buy Price: 850 Gems
Sell Price: 5,750 Gold

Elemental Dragon (3)

Rarity: Rare

Elemental Dragon (4)
Baby Elemental Dragon
Elemental Dragon (5)
Adult Elemental Dragon

Habitat: Earth, Water, and Fire
Weakness: Wind


Breeding Formula:
 – Smoke + Clownfish
Boiling + Earth
– Lava + Water
– Prairie + Water
– Lava + Eel

Feel free to leave your successful dragon combinations on the comment section.

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