Dragon Mania: How to breed an Archangel Dragon

Dragon of the Month (January 2016): Archangel

Upon first glance, this trainer believed this dragon to be an angel. One can imagine the shock he felt when the dragon promptly burped in his face!

archangel dragon Rarity: Legendary
Availability: Limited-Time Dragon
Habitat (Elements): Legendary, Metal, Energy
Breeding Time: 47 hours (2days)
Hatching time: 57 hours (2days 9hrs)

Breeding Formula: The probability of getting this Dragon is low, regardless of which combination is used. Multiple breeding attempts may be necessary to obtain it.
 (Combination of Elements given: Fire, Wind, Earth, Plant.)
– Bee +Faun
– Bee + Tree
Tribal + Tree
Tribal + Plant
– Plant + Mystic
– Plant + Prairie
– Faun + Prairie
– Faun + Smoke
– Dusk + Sunflower
– Lava + Leaf
– Orange + Wind
– Fire + Palm

Feel free to leave your successful dragon combinations on the comment section.


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