Dragon Mania: How to breed an Agave Dragon

The Agave Dragon is named for its stylish hairdo and fondness for sweets, particularly syrup. This trainer unfortunately only learned of this breed ‘s sweet tooth when he discovered the honey pot had been licked clean

agave dragon (1)
Agave Dragon Egg

Breeding Time: 16 hours
Hatching Time: 23 hour 30 minutes
Buy Price: 1400 gems
Sell Price: 8450 Gold

agave dragon (2)

Rarity: Epic

agave dragon (3)
Baby Agave Dragon
agave dragon (4)
Adult Agave Dragon

Habitat: Fire, Water, and Plant
Weakness: Water


Breeding Formula:
Boiling + Plant
Boiling + Leaf
– Fire + Melon
– Fire + Candy
Tribal + Candy
– Candy + Bee
– Orange + Water

Feel free to leave your successful dragon combinations on the comment section.


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