Dragon Mania: How to breed a Tribal Dragon

This dragon may look pretty tough with its war paint on, but this trainer once had to remove a splinter from its paw and it didn’t look very tough then.

zzz tribal dragon (2)
Tribal Dragon Egg

Breeding Time: 12 hours
Buy Price: 850 gems
Sell Price: 75 gold

zzz tribal dragon (3)

Hatching Time: 5 minutes

zzz tribal dragon (4)Rarity: Rare

zzz tribal dragon (5)
Baby Tribal Dragon
zzz tribal dragon (1)
Adult Tribal Dragon

Habitat: Fire, Earth, and Wind
Weakness: Water

Breeding Formula:
– You can obtain this dragon easily simply by registering your facebook account.
– Smoke + Dust
– Fire + Dust
– Salamander + Dust
– Salamander + Wind
– Salamander + Prairie
– Salamander + Bee
– Tree + Bee
– Mud + Bee
– Balloon + Agent
– Elemental + Wind
– Larva + Wind

Feel free to leave your breeding formula on the comment.


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