Dragon Mania: How to breed a Sunflower Dragon

Sunflower Dragons spend most of their hours lounging in the sun. The trainer would much prefer they train.

sunflower dragon (2)
Sunflower Dragon Egg

Breeding Time: 12 hours
Hatching Time: 16 hours 50 minutes
Buy Price: 900 Gems
Sell Price: 5750 Gold

sunflower dragon (3)

Rarity: Rare

sunflower dragon (5)
Baby Sunflower Dragon
sunflower dragon (1)
Adult Sunflower Dragon

Habitat: Fire and Plant
Weakness: Water


Breeding Formula:
– War + Candy
– Leaf + Bee
– Bee + Tree
– Bee + Candy
– Salamander + Leaf

Feel free to leave your successful dragon combinations on the comment section.

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