Dragon Mania: How to breed a Melon Dragon

What is that delightful aroma? Could it be this trainer’s wife’s cooking? Apologies for the jest. This dragon is as fragrant as my wife’s cooking is terrible.

melon dragon (1)
Melon Dragon Egg

Breeding Time: 6 hours
Hatching Time: 8 hours 30 minutes
Buy Price: 145 gems
Sell Price: 2300 Gold

melon dragon (2)

Rarity: Common

melon dragon (3)
Baby Melon Dragon
Adult Melon Dragon

Habitat: Water and Plant
Weakness: Earth


Breeding Formula:
– Water + Plant
Boiling + Plant
Boiling + Venom
– Agave + Candy
– Golden Crow + Water

Feel free to leave your successful dragon combinations on the comment section.


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