Dragon Mania: Carnival Dragon

The Carnival Dragon loves parades, and keeps trying to organize one for all the dragons to march in. The only problem is that dragons are easily distracted, and forget how to walk in a straight line if they get sleepy or smell fruit.

carnival dragon (1)
Carnival Dragon Egg

Breeding Time: N/A
Hatching Time: 1 Day 7 Hours
Buy Price:
1,795 gems
Sell Price:
14,650 gold

carnival dragon (2)

Rarity: Epic
Availability: Limited-Time Dragon

carnival dragon (3)
Baby Carnival Dragon
carnival dragon (4)
Adult Carnival Dragon

Habitat: Fire, Energy, and Light

Breeding Formula:
– Sorry. Can’t be bred.
– Event-Only Dragon
– Masked Mischief Event (Top 15 Grand Prize)


  • Its weekend and here I am chillin like a bosshellip
  • No more monsters jumping on the bed   hellip
  • Seriously going after every spoonful of squash Its so goodhellip
  • You can be the captain and I can be yourhellip
  • Oh what a beautiful day!     hellip
  • The incredible sleeper       hellip
  • My first airplane ride  I had fun and playedhellip
  • A throwback pic of Dr Love when he was ahellip