Dragon Mania: Agent Dragon

Agent Dragons are very secretive, always coming and going with no clues as to their destination. This trainer has tried to follow them on many occasions, but they always seem to disappear.

zzz agent dragon (3)
Agent Dragon Egg

Breeding Time: N/A
Hatching Time: 1 Day 2 Hours
Buy Price:
1,007 gems
Sell Price:
11,450 gold

zzz agent dragon (4)

Rarity: Epic
Availability: Limited-Time Dragon

zzz agent dragon (1)
Baby Agent Dragon

The Agent Dragon is finned-style. It has a scaly gray body with a pale silver-white underbelly and it wears aviator sunglasses, a black tie, and a white cuff on each front fin. On its head is a crest that resembles spiky hair, while a white spike juts out from the back of its lower jaw. The end of its tail is webbed and has three pale white flaps in between, the same color as its underbelly and cuffs. The overall appearance of this Dragon calls to mind a highly professional secret agent of some sort.

zzz agent dragon (2)
Adult Agent Dragon

Habitat: Metal, Void, and Earth
Weakness: Energy

Breeding Formula:
– Sorry. Can’t be bred.
– Arena Grand Prize Dragon


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