Diy Phone Accessory: Lovey Hearts Cellphone Pouch

Bonjour artistic fella!

What a wonderful day it is today, the sun is shining brightly again! Yesterday, as the rainstorm is pouring hard, I tried to make myself a bit productive. I’ve decided to make a little crafty gift for a friend I met a few years back and got to know her well just this year. Let’s say she’s in her 50’s, so she’s kinda appreciative at any gift, especially if it’s given from the heart.

Soooooo, based on her personality and current lovelife status, I made this little crafty gift for her.

What you will need:

Different colored felt cloths
Scissors (for the cutting)
Needle and colored threads (for the sewing)


Step 1: Trace your phone to a thick felt as the body of your cellphone pouch.
Tip: Add atleast half an inch allowance from the body for the sewing part.



Step 2: Cut the body of the cellphone pouch and the different colored felt hearts for the decoration.
Tip: Try cutting the hearts in different sizes.



Step 3: Arrange the hearts on top of the front body of the pouch.



Step 4: SEW.
Tip: Start sewing from the biggest to the smallest heart, from the bottom to the top.


6 7


Step 5: Sew the front and back body of the cellphone pouch together.



Step 6: Cut a triangular or V shape at the middle upper part of the front face of the pouch (for the opening).



Optional: Make a running stitch at the mouth of the pouch to make it look nicer.


TADAAAAAAAAAA!! The lovey-dovey hearty-hearts cellphone pouch.

1211 13

Easy right? You can try making some other designs too.

Aside from being easy, it’s  also budget friendly. So, whether you’re making it for a gift or just for yourself, it wouldn’t hurt your purse or your pocket. You don’t really have to spend a huge amount of money for a gift, in fact, anything that comes from the heart is more precious than the expensive ones than can be bought at the supermalls. Plus, seeing the finish product after all the effort makes you feel proud of your artistic self!

How about you, what have you prepared for your friends and loved ones this season? Feel free to comment down below and I’ll see you on my next post!

Happy holidays!


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