Diy Phone Accessory: Cutie Owl Cellphone Pouch

Happy New Year, Artistic Bella!

How was your holiday? Mine was sooo great! It has been a while since I last made a post on my blog, I’ve been so busy this season that I haven’t had enough time for this. And thanks for today, I can show you how to make another easy DIY.

Excited to make these cute owl cellphone pouches? Believe me, they’re so easy to make! Read more to know how. 🙂


What you will need:

Different colored felt cloths
Scissors (for the cutting)
Needle and colored threads (for the sewing)


Step 1: Cut the felt cloths according to size and shape. (for this project, i made two)
Tips: (for the owl: cut the different colored to felt cloths with the shapes the same as the pic below.)
(for the pouch: Trace the phone to the felt and add a margin of atleast half an inch on each side.)


Step 2: Sew the first base of the owl (whole body) to the front face of the pouch.


Step 3: Sew the second base (face to tummy) on top of the first base of the owl.


Step 4: Sew two oblong-shaped white felt for the eyes.



Step 5: Then, the two smaller black oblong felts on top of the white.


Step 6: A long yellow or orange triangular shape for the beak.


Step 7: Sew the ribbon under one of the ears of the owl, slightly covering a part of the owl’s face.


Step 8: Stitches. Simply make a lot of letter V running stitches for the feather details at the tummy part of the owl.



Step 9: Sew the front and back face of the pouch TOGETHER.


Optional Step: You can also cut a triagular or V shape at the upper middle part of the front face of the pouch for the opening, then make a running stitch at the mouth of the pouch to make it look nicer. BUT BUT BUT! DO NOT SEW THEM TOGETHER!


Presenting, *drums rolling* these cute owl cellphone pouches!


As always, they’re easy to make. I made the owls in two different colors. You can also make yours and feel free to try more color combinations! I know you can do better than this. *wink* 😉

See you in my next creation!



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