DIY No Sew Baby Costume: Clark Kent of Superman


I have always wanted to dress up my own baby boy as superman someday. So having Brio in my life somehow made that dream a reality. But why dress him up like Clark Kent and not the “Superman” superman? Because, superman costumes for baby boys are too mainstream! Shirts, onesies, jumpsuits, rompers – name it, there is a superman costume for it.

So instead of going with the crowd, I chose this version of superman. But instead of making the typical “S” for superman, I made the “B” one for Brio. hihi <3

Materials Used:

  • Light Blue Onesie
  • Red, Yellow and Black Felt Cloth
  • Scissors
  • All Glue
  • White Longsleeves, Pants and Shoes


I hope you like his costume for today.


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