DIY No Sew Baby Costume: Baby Groot of Guardians of the Galaxy

Baby Groot is the cutest character in Guardians of the Galaxy. Please don’t disagree, he really is!

The first time I saw the movies trailer, I felt really excited seeing the baby version of Groot. Like I wanna take him out of the screen and squeeze him! HAHAHA 😀 And that was what inspired me to do this costume for Brio.

 Materials used for head accessory:

  • Felt Cloth (green for the leaves and two shades of brown for the wood)
  • Fabric Glue (to stick them all together)
  • Fabric Pen (to draw the wavy lines)

For the body, I simply ripped my old brown shirt into strips about 1″ width. I wrapped him with my dark brown fabric cardigan and strips as seen on photo.

I hope you found this easy to make and inspired you to take cute photos with your baby too!


Have a creative day!

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