DIY No Sew Baby Costume: Captain America

Here’s a photo of Brio cosplaying at 25 days old. He wore a Captain America inspired costume.

Materials Used:

  • Light Blue Plain Baby Onesie
  • Soft Felt Cloths in Red and White
  • Ordinary newborn hat/bonnet
  • Illustration board (for the shield, use the white side)
  • Red and Blue paint
  • Double-Sided Tape


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  • Heres a happy weekend hug from mini mickey!  hellip
  • Knock knock Whos there? Tank! Tank who? Youre welcome hellip
  • What did the cowboy say to the pencil? Draw Partner!hellip
  • What did the sushi say to the bee? Wasabi hellip
  • Hey bee youre my forever little honey   hellip
  • My face when I see all those chics coming tohellip
  • Is it friday yet? Oh dear yeah I remember itshellip
  • The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide yourhellip