Product Review: Bath and Body Works: Violet Lily Sky body lotion


So, I already blogged about one of the lotions of Bath and Body Works, the Warm Vanilla Sugar and if you haven’t read it yet, feel free to click here.

Just a recap, I got this from my sister who came from Dubai, UAE, and it’s one of her pasalubongs for me. And because it’s my first time using this, I’m going to tell you what I think about it. 🙂

Okay! Presenting .. *drums rolling*


Bath and Body Works: VIOLET LILY SKY body lotion

First thing that came to my mind upon reading the product name was something related to nature. Like, maybe it smells like some fresh air in the province because of the “sky”, or a flower perhaps? yeah, just because there’s “lily” in it. haha

Anyway, the lotion smells nice at first. I don’t know about you but to me it kinda smells like lavender. haha!
Upon spreading it over my skin and as soon as my skin absorbs it, the scent also spreads out and vanishes quickly. Yep, it smells nothing in a matter of seconds. And it’s kinda disappointing because the Bath and Body Works WARM VANILLA SUGAR body lotion‘s scents stays on your skin for hours.



However, it’s amazing that even if the scent doesn’t stay that long, it’s still doing its main job nicely, to keep my skin soft, smooth and moisturized all day. No need to retouch.

What I think about this product:
> The smell isn’t strong, and it doesn’t last long.
> The lotion feels a bit greasy and heavy so don’t put too much.
> It’s fast absorbent.
> It has Vitamin E that keeps the skin soft, smooth, moisturized and healthy.
> The size is so cute you can actually just put it in your bag.

So, there! Will I keep on using this product? Yep, when I ran out of lotion. HAHA
Will I use this as my daily lotion? Nope.
Will I recommend it to my girls? Well, you can try if you want. Every girl has their own standards and preferences. What works for me doesn’t mean it wont work for you right? 🙂

Have a great day!




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