All Pinks and Girly: Summer 2016’s Loyal Reader! ♥

Hey guys! It’s the first day of May, and I’m happy to announce that I’ll be giving away pinky goodies to a loyal reader this summer! But first, let me thank all of you for all the love and support you’re giving me and this blog. Blogging would never be this cool without all of you.

Before I list this season’s prize, make sure that you follow me on these social networks to qualify for this contest.

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I would also like to suggest that you follow/subscribe my accounts to be updated with my blog and posts.

Joining is super easy:
Just read my blog posts or be a loyal reader!
How would i know you? Simple:
1. You can leave a comment (the more, the better) in any of my blog posts. Previous comments in my old blog posts are also counted.
2. Interact with me on my social media accounts (likes, favorites, comments, retweets, shares are PLUS factors). Whatever it is that could make me notice you and make you the best of all my readers for this season. And don’t forget to tag me so i would know! 🙂

Note/Tips when commenting:
1. You can share your thoughts or experiences, ask questions, suggest topics, or even a simple “Nice post!” will do. In the end, what matters is the quality OVER quantity.
2. Be honest and sincere. Be yourself but be nice and avoid harsh comments. Who would want to hurt someone’s feelings?

AdobePhotoshopExpress_93fbbeb8f52847c0a3ae5c643da8349fThe winner for this season will get all of the pinky products below:

Bench Daily Scent Happy Hour Cologne, Maybeline New York Clear Smooth All-in-One  Shine-Free Powder Foundation, Ponds Spot-less White Non-Oily Day Cream, Sweet Honesty Cologne, Maybelline Baby Lips Instant 8hr Moisture Lip Balm, Beauty Buffet Cheery Blossom Whitening Facial Mask, and Fake Lashes!

  • This contest/giveaway is open to readers residing in the Philippines only. 
  • No need to worry for the shipping fee. Shipping will be shouldered by no other than me. 🙂
  • Comments will be monitored. All non-spam comments will be considered as entries to this contest.
  • One (1) winner will be announced in a blog post.
  • There is NO LIMIT. You can win every season. Yey!♥

Hoping to see you in my blog posts, creative souls!

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