5 Facts you might not know about me

This is not a slum book. What I’m going to write in this post are the facts about me that I think aren’t really noticed right away. They’re not so basic like my hair color, coz I change them sometimes. Not my other favorites like the color, food, place or whatever.

I wrote this not because I think I’m popular (coz I know I’m not) or if my readers need to know some of the few things about the author. I know no one’s curious about me, but why are you here and reading this post anyway? hahaha! So, here are the 5 facts that I think you may not know about me:

1. I’m an avid fan of penguins.

I love penguins! I just couldn’t resist their kind of cuteness. I mean, look at those tiny little feet, the way they walk with their huge bellies. Look at those flippy-flappy wings, they couldn’t fly coz they have such huge bellies! 😀 Aren’t they adorable? Aside from that, they are loyal to their loved ones and family. Just like me, I may be different, but hey, I love deeply. Thanks to my supportive family and *ehem* boyfriend, who keeps on spoiling me with penguin stuffs. Now I have a lot of them in my room! *hugs penguin roomies*

2. I love to cook and bake.

I actually learned how to cook just when I reached college. Thanks to my big sister for teaching me the basics of cooking. Until I’ve tried making different kinds of dishes, play with the ingredients, and experiment my own recipes – whatever is available in the kitchen. Cooking is so fun! Then the sweet tooth in me knocked the door and tried baking as well.

3. I am a huge eater.

I may look petite to you, but actually there’s a foodie monster living inside this “sexy” body HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Kidding, I know that part is kind of a joke. 😀 But really, I love eating rice. Rice makes any kind of food taste so balanced. Even if the viand is made of carbo (like pancit) I’d still pair it with rice. I even tried pairing it with spaghetti and it’s crazy awesome! hahaha You know? It’s irresistible! The monster inside me keeps on whispering to eat more, more, more and more! haay.

4. I’m a breech (suhi) baby.


Photo grabbed: NewKidsCenter.com

Yep! You heard it right. I mean, read – whatever makes sense. I’m one of those stubborn babies who can’t follow the rules of birth. You say head first and feet last, I say it’s the other way around. hahaha! And hey, I’m also a februarian, one of those so called “kulang-kulang” just because February is different from all of the other months – you know. I’m also the youngest among the sibs, and my mom said she never had (excuse me) menstruation again after giving birth to me, so I don’t know if I’m also a menopausal baby or not. Like whatever! No wonder I always find myself so different than every one I meet and thinks differently in almost all kinds of perspective.

5. I can see ghosts.

I can see that girl behind you. Awooooh! hahaha! But yeah. I can’t remember how and when it all started because the ones I see aren’t really scary. They all looked like us, walking, standing, sitting but I haven’t seen them talk yet. I can hear, but I can’t see them talk. I haven’t seen one looking at me. It’s always looking at something or someone but not to me, not eye-to-eye. Now that’s scary! hahaha! I’m kind of used to it, but I’m not asking for more. Oh please. Sometimes I’m wondering if they know I can see them. Sometimes, I pretend I haven’t seen one, hoping they don’t know I can see them. But it’s not that often, just once in a while. hahaha! Now I’m not forcing you to believe that “they” exist, to see is to believe right? I saw them and I believe we are not alone. If you haven’t, and you don’t believe they’re there, it’s fine. I respect your decisions and whatever it is that you believe in. I think it’s actually better not seeing any of them. No stress! 🙂

So these facts are only a fraction of me and don’t really describe me or my personality as a whole. I know you too have your own version of yourself coz I believe that we are all unique in our very own way. Whatever it is that you describe about yourself or what others think about you, the only thing that matters in the end is on how you accept all of the good and the bad facts about yourself. I know it’s easy to love all of the beautiful traits about you, but you can also use the bad ones as a strength or motivation to be better. Love yourself. I love mine from ingrown to split ends!

Now it’s your turn to tell me some facts about you at the comment section and I’ll see you on my next post! *wink*



  • Gentlemen are not born You have to breed yourself tohellip
  • PeekaBoo! I see you
  • Baby Panda dododododo dodo
  • I have a surprise for you its not just fart!hellip
  • What type of bee cant make up its mind? hellip
  • A prince for halloween!
  • Sirius Voldemort is after something  something he didnt havehellip
  • What is a tiger running a photocopy machine called? Ahellip